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Pre-order your 2015 WeekDate here.  Don't miss out.

"Two Weeks at at time?
I get to see t
wo weeks worth
of calendar at a time? Cool!"

"I take out my WeekDate calendar, and people
immediately crowd around like I just started performing magic tricks
like a David Blaine wannabe."

"And all of this folds up so slim and light!"







Note: This is a Monday to Sunday calendar.


Choose one of four cover selections:

Click for photo view.

  "Plays Well
With Others"
  2015 Planner

*Ships after 8/15/14

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 "Color Blind"
 { Featuring Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid }
  2015 Planner

Ships after 8/15/14


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 "Fully Charged"
  2015 Planner

*Ships after 8/15/14



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  "Young Exec"
  2015 Planner

hips after 8/15/14


We only do one printing a year,
so once they're gone, there gone.

It's all in the details ... (Want to know more?  Read below.)

Use it the traditional WeekDate way OR....
set it up as a "tent" calendar on your desk or countertop!



"I really think you’ve hit on
an innovative concept."

~Christine Vick
Senior Editor, Organize Magazine

2015 WeekDate Weekly Planner

This simple planning system saves time and energy – Only Write It Once and only edit it once if your schedule changes. No more more flipping through each week and month to remove or alter a calendar entry!

The interior cover offers space to enter your monthly and weekly fixed activities, while the specific weekly calendar pages lay between and line up with the fixed activities for each specific day.  You see two calendar weeks at a time!

Note: This is a Monday to Sunday calendar.

Click here to see how WeekDate works.

January 2015 - December 2015 weekly planner
Closed dimensions are 9" x 4"
Back cover features 2014 full year view
Just look in one column to see all your activities for the day.

New Features:
You see two calendar weeks at a time.
New "Monthly Views" in the back of the calendar!
Hide or show your "Monthlies" flap. You decide!
Use your "Weeklies" flap to save your place in the year.
Fun Simple Cover Designs!
Costs less!!!

Same Great Features:
Same "Only Write It Once" design!
Just look in one column to see all your activities for the day.
Every page has a monthly view!
Current year (2015) and next year (2016) views.
Back cover features 2015 full year view



"I must tell you that I’m pretty devastated that you have run out of your 2012 weekdates! It has color and it seems so organized and my brain was so happy watching your video and when I clicked to order it said you were complete out!!! So sad. This seems like the perfect calendar for ...ADDers! If anything changes with your supply, let me know!!!! Did I mention I’m desperate???"


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