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I am sad to say that 2013 may
be the last year for WeekDate.

~Kay Odell
Owner and Founder of WeekDate

"I never forget that when one of my WeekDates is tucked away in the purse or briefcase of a customer, a little piece of me goes along for the ride."

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Dear WeekDate Customers,

I am sad to say that 2013 may be the last year for WeekDate.

We have the same old "Made in the USA" story:

        *  Great entrepreneur idea
        *  Six years of personal energy, money, and love into the product
        *  Rough economy and bad timing in a dwindling marketplace (paper calendars)

Show the love.  Spread the word  … or it will disappear.

If we don't see a significant increase in sales this year, 2013 will be our last year to publish WeekDate.  (Our publishing partner for our wall calendar, Sellers Publishing, has already notified us that they will not publish the WeekDate Wall Calendar for 2014 due to lower than expected sales.  This comes as a significant blow to us.)

We will print more 2013 weekly planners this year (since they sold out last year), but they must all be sold.  We don't want to be left with dated calendars at the end of the year as in previous years.

Ways to help:

*   Please order (2 calendars, not just 1 --- buy a gift for a friend? ) 

*   Share and talk about WeekDate with your paper calendar loving friends.

*   Share our videos on Facebook and Twitter:


*   Donate today. Thank you.


Thank you sincerely for anything you can do to help us.  We'd really like to be back next year.

Thank you for your love and support over the years. 
You have been awesome customers.

Kay Odell
Owner and Founder of WeekDate



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